Bill the Circle Image

Bill the Circle (2011)

As a kid, I spent too much time being jealous of people who were more popular than me. We were alike in so many ways, but for some reason I judged them as being bad people. Now I feel sad that I missed the opportunity to get to know them better. I made this short story to communicate some of that lesson to my boys.

After the complexity of Trains (2009) and Bricks and Toys (2011), I felt the need to try some simple story-telling. This project took only 2 weeks from start to finish. It was originally created as an interactive Shockwave file in Adobe Flash with Action Script for navigation. The frames were drawn with a Lenovo tablet directly into Flash. The 3D graphics were modeled and rendered with Blender and imported into Flash as PNG images. Unfortunately, it was finished at about the same time that Adobe dropped support for Mobile Flash, which seriously limited the convenience of distribution. I made this animated GIF with Camtasia to give some flavor of the finished product.

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